So I'm pretty sure most of you have heard of my weeb friend by now. But if not...

"She calls herself "Otaku", uses random Japanese, among other things... Only the worst thing is... She thinks Miku is the only VOCALOID. //cries"

Now you're pretty much up-to-date. Well, so I decided to do a little experiment. (it's rare for me to find someone this weebish, might as well take advantage of it.)

I sent her a file of mp3 samples of all the VOCALOIDs but Miku and dared her to listen to them all.

Suprisingly, she did. It took her like a week too but she did. I asked her which vocals she liked the best, and she told me a list of the vocals she liked (she didn't know the VOCALOIDs names, she just told me which vocals she liked) I've never been so proud.

Her favorites were (in order): Mew, Kiyoteru, Kokone, Miriam, GUMI, and YUU. ;u;

(told her they were VOCALOIDs later, showed her the wiki, now she believes me)

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