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October 18, 2015
  • CykeP

    I've finally gotten my life together and have started on a song with Rin/Len English that actually has the potential to be decent. The only problem is (of course), their vocals are so muddy it hurts. xD 

    I've messed with the vocal's parameters and the singer editor options (Upped the BRI and CLR factors for both loids), and while it helps, I'm having a lot of trouble with getting them to be understandable. They still sound like, unfortunately, OLIVER on a bad day. I'm trying to get the clarity and power that you can hear in Circus' Karma (song).

    I've also sifted through a number of mixing tutorials, however many are general and don't help with trying to improve the vocal performance and overall sound at the end of the day. If anyone can lend…

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  • CykeP

    So I've got a friend who I recently found out has not only gone to talk bad about me behind my back to my best friend, but to people I've just gotten to know and potential friendships and things, for reasons unknown. This is someone who I've looked up to for a while before I found out that she's not that great a person. 

    And I'm not just saying that; she's had a hard life, but because of that she's become really bitter and acts very immaturely (and she's got about five years on me in age). I'm not sure why, but she's got something against me. I've always had to play the bigger person when we have had our disagreements, and I liked to think things were okay after a while.

    However, it's apparent that things aren't. She keeps talking about me b…

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  • CykeP

    So I finally decided to take the time to check out OverDoze's new song for DEX, the Ten Thousand piece that's been floating around. And, like a lot of the Western "pop" VOCALOID songs that have been coming out, it had about a dozen negative connotations to it, just like everyone else. 

    That's not to say it wasn't a good song. But the talking about wanting to "end it all" and pretending to feel happy, yet being so frustrated, is a very common trope in so many VOCALOID songs nowadays that English producers have been pushing out. Giraffey just did one with "Again and Again", which I'll try and make a page for when I can. Ten Thousand Stars is also pretty big on this, although Circus-P has always been pretty deep in the dark side of VOCALOID mu…

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  • CykeP

    Happy New Year, everybody! It's been a great time hanging out on the Wikia, and while there have been a ton of ups and downs, like any year, it was a great learning experience, and I've met a lot of amazing people. I want to thank you for your endless kindness and patience, especially with all the little mistakes I'm prone to making. It means the world to me you're all so kind, and it's great to be in a community full of people who appreciate VOCALOIDs, have intelligent discussions (for the most part ;D), and are overall very good people to be around.

    That being said, here are a couple of my Resolutions for the year!!!

    - Make professional, awesome VOCALOID music to kick off my career!

    - Make Rin and Len's English sound decent in songs

    - Buy DE…

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  • CykeP

    Song Writing Help!

    December 28, 2015 by CykeP

    After pulling a couple strings, I managed to get my hands on that glorious, 200 smackaroon package of Kagamine glory. I really hope they're everything I want, and I have a lot of hopes and dreams going into these two! That being said, I still plan on getting DEX and DAINA in the future, because I may or may not have accidentally planned out an entire song series for both them and the Kagamine twins. x'D

    It's going to be amazing!! But until I build up to that point, I was wondering if I could ask for some help! I'd like to ask for some song ideas, from you guys! I want to write electro/pop/house songs for the most part, until I start getting into orchestral stuff (which is the story-based songs I plan on doing later on). The only issue I hav…

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