I literally can't decide between Rin/Len V4 English or Dex and Daina to start up the YouTube channel! I wanted to debut with original songs using one of those VOCALOID pairings to make videos and really start making songs. I don't count Let Me Hear You exactly because I  used Miku English's trial Crypton provided. :'U

SO I'm not sure who to choose! I don't really have high hopes for the twins' English, but at the same time I'd love to work with them. Dex and Daina are also really appealing to me, partially because of that kemonomimi gimick and because their voices are extremely clear, and have a nice sound (Dex in particular).

I have no idea what to do. x'D I want to pick one soon, though! Ahh, it's so frustrating//

Well, on another note I'm at the beach this weekend and it is lovely. That's about it!

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