I've finally gotten my life together and have started on a song with Rin/Len English that actually has the potential to be decent. The only problem is (of course), their vocals are so muddy it hurts. xD 

I've messed with the vocal's parameters and the singer editor options (Upped the BRI and CLR factors for both loids), and while it helps, I'm having a lot of trouble with getting them to be understandable. They still sound like, unfortunately, OLIVER on a bad day. I'm trying to get the clarity and power that you can hear in Circus' Karma (song).

I've also sifted through a number of mixing tutorials, however many are general and don't help with trying to improve the vocal performance and overall sound at the end of the day. If anyone can lend me a hand, it'd be much appreciated! A few helpful tips I could use; 

  • Program(s) recommended to make the vocals less muddy
  • Tips in the VOCALOID editor to improve the sound
  • Parameter adjustment help (would be AWESOME)

Thanks in advance! I'll probably have to open up a VocaloidOtaku page too just to broaden the horizons for help :"D But I appreciate it if people could hit me up. Thanks thanks, and I hope you're having a wonderful day!

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