After pulling a couple strings, I managed to get my hands on that glorious, 200 smackaroon package of Kagamine glory. I really hope they're everything I want, and I have a lot of hopes and dreams going into these two! That being said, I still plan on getting DEX and DAINA in the future, because I may or may not have accidentally planned out an entire song series for both them and the Kagamine twins. x'D

It's going to be amazing!! But until I build up to that point, I was wondering if I could ask for some help! I'd like to ask for some song ideas, from you guys! I want to write electro/pop/house songs for the most part, until I start getting into orchestral stuff (which is the story-based songs I plan on doing later on). The only issue I have is writing lyrics, and that comes in because of a lack of theme in the song writing.

So, hypothetically, what would you want to write a song about? Like an experience, of some kind, that you think I should try and write about? Just dropping any ideas on me would be wonderful, or advice/suggestions to help me out! It'd be great if you could.

Thanks so much, and I hope you had wonderful holidays!!!! :)

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