もしも僕が今晩のカレーを 残さず食べたなら良かったのかな
Had you felt happy if I had eaten up curry and rice for supper today?
君は酷く顔をしかめて もうたべなくっていいよって言ったんだっけな。
(But) you said with a very frowning face I didn't have to try.
もしも僕が虐められたって 殴り返せるような人だったらな。
I wish I (had courage to) hit back when I'm bullied.
君も今より少しくらいは 笑うようになるかもしれないから。
Then you may show me some more smiles.
もしも僕がひとりきりでさ 君に迷惑もかけずにいられたなら
I wish I lived alone and I wouldn't get you into my troubles.
でもさ、それじゃさ、君を知らんまま 生きてく事になったかもしれないから
But then I would spend my life without knowing you.
もしも僕がうそつきなら こんな僕のこと 叱ってくれたかな?
If I were a liar, would you scold me?
そんなたくさんの「もしも話が」 僕の部屋にさ 浮かんで行くんだよ。
Many "if"s like these (vaguely) appear to me when I'm (alone) in my room.
何も無い日々から 罅が入ってそっから たくさんの「もしも」が漏れ出して 行くんだ。
(And) the days of nothing get cracks and many "if"s are leaking from the cracks.
今目をつむって 耳をふさいで歩き出したよ
Now I close my eyes, my ears and start to walk forward.
君の声も君の笑顔も 見れないままだけどそれも良いかも。
I can't hear your voice and can't see your smiles, but it's fine.
嫌なもんだけさ あたまん中から 消してくれたらな よかったのにな。
I wish I could erase only memories I hate from my head.
もしも僕が正直者なら これが最後だって信じてくれたかな?
If I were an honest person, would you believe this was my last (lie to you)?
(Then) I'm sure you would show me a smile.
I know it all, don't I?
何度も君に言おうとしたけど 届く筈無くて「おかしいな?」って
I've tried to tell you many times, but my words wouldn't reach you and "that's strange".
I (just) want to come to you (but I can't).
But my knees tremble (as if saying) "You deserve it".
If I were alive,
君に聴かせるため作った歌 やっぱ恥ずかしくて聴かせてないけど 歌ってあげたいな、僕もいつか。
Someday I would sing you a song I've made for you, the song I've never sung you because I feel embarrassed.
I hope the song reaches you someday.

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