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November 16, 2015
  • DefunctAccount123

    Okay something I've noticed about producer pages is how inconsistent they are whether the P is hyphenated or not. Like for example, LamazeP, Shu-tP, and CircusP don't have hyphens between their producer name and the P honorific/suffix. On the other hand, producers like Pinocchio-P, Utsu-P, and Crusher-P do. So I'm wondering which is correct, because on VocaDB they don't use hyphens and some producers who call themselves by their producer names don't either. Also what do I use if the producer both has their own name and a producer name, like on this wikia Jin is Shizen no Teki-P but Neru is Neru and not Oshiire-P.

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  • DefunctAccount123

    I just want to know what counts as being sufficient information and when can I remove this thing? 

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  • DefunctAccount123


    April 30, 2016 by DefunctAccount123

    I have two things to ask:

    1. Do you guys have any albums or songs that need pages because I'll make them

    2. How do you set the colour scheme like for example, an UTAU so when I add their cover to a song page their tab has their colour scheme

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