Reposting here! It might be of interest.

Please note: These charts are based on statistics from NND. Non-Japanese Vocaloids whose works are mainly posted on sites such as Youtube or BiliBili will not be accurately represented.

Let's see how our favourite Vocaloids did in 2014. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Click the link for graphs.

Leading the tags are:

1. Miku (first still by a significant margin, with over 700 more hits than her closest competitors)
2. Gumi
3. Rin
4. IA
5. Kaito

The unlucky Japanese Vocaloids bringing up the rear:

33: Anon and Kanon/Yohioloid
37: Ryuto
38: SeeU
42: Chika

Top Engloids on NND:

1. Oliver
2. Yohioloid
3. Avanna
4. Big Al
5. Tonio

Of the newbies: Rana was the most popular Vocaloid released in 2014, whereas AnoKano were the least.
Now for everyone's favourite section: Graphs (By the way, the axis are confusingly labelled, month is along the bottom, number of hits along the top)

A huge spike for Kaito around his birthday, and a few for Zola too. Zunko started strong but wasn't able to maintain her popularity. Quite a sharp decline for Gumi, whereas Rin received a sudden spike that boosted her position at the end of the year. Yukari's position has gone from steady to much more variable; Luka and IA both in a gradual descent.

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