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Art Post: 2

Digital painting from a while ago. Usually I don't post old things, since anything from past a week back sickens me. But I didn't feel too shocked when I saw this again, so thats probably a good sign.

I want to draw a mature Nekomura sometime, to see if I can fit the kimino idea to her voice. However her singing doesn't do too badly in her upper ranges, so have a Pixie!Iroha.

With the benefit of hindsight, things I think it needs: More layers of patterns in the background. Is there a way to create spoilers on this? I hate spamming large images, and I don't think I should upload fanart directly to the wikia.


All Vocaloids (c) their original owners, of course. (Yeah, you know my policy on critques. I have no idea what I am doing. Gimme?) n_n

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