I have been having some crazy ones lately, but its easy to see what parts of my mind get mashed together to make them.

Anime characters, video games. Nothing else brings them together in such strange ways. My subconscious does not know the laws of narrativity. TVtropes has clearly not seeped in there. I can understand why surrealists take inspiration from dreams. Might as well just copy them straight out.

For the first time last night I had a dream in which a fictional character was actually stated to not be real. In the dream. I met the voice actor! It was Dante Basco, but of course since I don't actually know the actor of the character, so that was probably wrong. xD

Anyway, it actually rather disturbed me in the dream, since usually in dreams anything goes. The dream isn't real in itself, so fictional characters usually merge and interract with real ones. I hope this doesn't become a recurring trend. >:o Dante is cool, but meeting people who don't exist is one the main perks of dreaming. Even if the events are always weird and crazeh.

Secondly, In my dreams my own low self esteem conspires against me like some megalomanical Bond villain. Whenever something good is going to happen, it is always just out of reach, or fades away, or gets rejected horribly. I have a confident persona in dreams, but the rest of my conscious is all: 'lol nope'. I get the good old flying dreams all the time, but oh boy, are they cruel. It takes so much effort to fly, I have to swim upwards in the air, climb up very high buildings to glide, flap my arms at 100 mph... I can never have full control, get very high or get very far. Its not as bad as not being able to fly at all, but in dreams my persona is often inhumanly obsessed with trying to escape the ground, its simply sadistic...

The thing I really don't like happening is when I am trapped. I like my dreams to occur outside in the open. I often get trapped in things like the TV or video games. It feels like my mind is closing in on me, I get a weird kind of claustrophobia.

Curse my mind for giving me ironic punishments for spending too much time looking at screens!


So, do you have any interesting subconcious shenanigans?

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