So I was having one of those conversations on Youtube about Vocaloids, and I referred to them as 'instruments' which was a bit tactless considering the 'They are the best popstars ever!' conversation that was going on beforehand.

Anyhow, I got an irked responce about how they are:

  • Real if you believe in them or not - I am not sure what she means by this, I guess that they exist through our love? Like some magical Santa Claus type thing? Its too deep for me, moving on.
  • They should replace real singers.
  • etc, etc that I am heartless and should gtfo if I don't like the vids, but that doesn't matter for this.

The problem is that, this kind of statement is what annoys people who dislike Vocaloids. They don't like people who appear to be worshipping fictional 'popstars' (no matter if everyone else worships fictional characters). They think that they may be destroying real singer's carreers, crippling music. I am not going to go into the other counter-arguements for this, i.e Autotune - but the kind of statement unwitting fangirls and guys make about loving their favourite Vocaloids really gives a bad impression to those who are anti-Vocaloid. They give all credit to the program and not the producer. Making the music appear to an outsider all the 'faker'. Vocaloids are only a small part of the music, lots of talent went into the song, and into programming them too. Nothing is fake about it, yet these statements portray it as such.

This is partly down to the most popular Vocaloid's being marketed as 'divas' rather than instruments of creativity, I mean, if it was portrayed perhaps from a producer's perspective, about how they reach wider markets with famous Vocaloids because the singers are already 'famous' for example, or how they can allow anyone to add vocals even if you cannot sing youself - they would appear more positive. But then companies wouldn't reach such a wide market, only a few people create music in comparison to those who listen. And listeners are needed for the software to be attractive.

To me, the front page of Vocaloid often seems to give the wrong impression.

Anyway, I don't know how to respond to the fan without seriously pissing them off, so I might just leave it here. I don't know how to endorse the Vocaloids while deterring them from loving them as characters. Its impossible, and makes me feel like a douche.


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