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Someone's Article on Hatsune Miku: Behold, RESEARCH!

Longest title yet.

Anyway, someone on VO posted linked to this, it seems worth a repost. Seeking Hatsune Miku.

Amongst the load of news articles that portray Miss Miku as a diva who just happens to be animated and is totally for realz, someone appears to have actually explained what Vocaloid is. Its just such a pleasant experience to see other Vocaloids mentioned, and what the software actually does explained in a way that won't ignite all the usual 'its weeaboo crap!' reactions. Infact, its pretty darn insightful. But steady yourselves, we can't have too many revelations at once. Just keep calm in the fact that it portrays Vocaloid much better than most places (mentioning the word 'Vocaloid' rather than just 'Miku' is the first sign.)

I haven't picked it all apart yet for mistakes and misconceptions. But in short:


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