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Who's the Most Popular Engloid on Youtube?

Dizzyzebra February 21, 2015 User blog:Dizzyzebra

Repost: the sequel

After looking at the NND Vocaloid popularity stats, I was interested to try and work out which English Vocaloids see the most usage by collecting some data from Youtube.
However, I'm limited as I can't create a programs to trawl all the videos and calculate averages. There's also the fact that unlike NND, Youtube doesn't have a dedicated tagging system, at least not in the same way.
What I did was make the most exact search I could (to try and receive Vocaloid only results), and recorded the amount of hits. Because I do not have in depth knowledge of how Youtube's search function works, any advice in terms of what phrases I should search for would be appreciated. For Vocaloids with common names I prefaced the search with "vocaloid", but I wasn't sure whether to keep the format or drop it for Vocaloids whose names were unique. Here's exactly what I keyed in for each:

  1. "yohioloid": 40,700 hits (???)
  2. "gumi english": 34,100 hits
  3. "miku english": 29,100 hits
  4. I tried multiple things for Avanna – first searching "avanna", then minusing the number of results from "avanna" -vocaloid -vocaloid3, this got me: 28290 hits
  5. "vocaloid oliver": 17,200 hits
  6. "kaito english": 14,500 hits
  7. "luka english": 12,400 hits
  8. "vocaloid miriam": 5,580 hits
  9. "vocaloid prima": 5,150 hits
  10. "vocaloid sweet ann": 4,950 hits
  11. "vocaloid sonika": 4,630 hits
  12. "meiko english": 3,790 hits
  13. "vocaloid leon": 3,270 hits
  14. "vocaloid lola": 2,580 hits
  15. "vocaloid tonio": 2,040 hits
  16. "macne nana english": 437

I'm slightly suspicious of Yohioloid's results, does anyone have any suggestions?

Alternate searches:

yohioloid vocaloid: 71,900
oliver vocaloid: 62,000
leon vocaloid: 40,000 (???)
prima vocaloid: 30,900 (???)
avanna vocaloid: 25,700
sonika vocaloid: 25,200
sweet ann vocaloid: 20,400
miriam vocaloid: 18,900
tonio vocaloid: 14,200
lola vocaloid: 14,000
"miku english" -sub -subtitles: 20,400
"gumi english" -sub -subtitles: 11,200
"kaito english" -sub -subtitles: 5,700
"luka english" -sub -subtitles: 1,870
"meiko english" -sub -subtitles: 1,250
"macne nana english" -sub -subtitles: 437

Leon's results might be skewed by the fact there's an utaite with the same name: "leon vocaloid" -youtaite only recieves 300 hits.

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