You know that thing where...

People state an opinion that they clearly feel quite strongly about:

'They should never have portrayed her like this. Her personality is completely different! She is much more outgoing, not angsty and shy!'

And then, if you say something in reply - anything:

'Hi. I am a fish.'

They assume you think they are wrong, maybe not even reading through your post (- but that is another rant, for another non Vocaloid spam post that I make when I should be revising blog.)

And they act as if they have had an allergic reaction to argueing sensible debate and say:

'Hey! No need to be a jerk, its just an opinion!'

'I am only stating an opinion'!

'Its just my opinion, it shouldn't matter to you!'


I know you mean no harm. I know you just want us to look like fickle, silly people to get worked up over little old you. To bother spending 10 seconds typing out our views and intruding on your personal space most heiniously by sending them to you. You want to stand aloft on your podium of moral high ground, because you know what is important.

But you just keep demeaning them. Opinions. And I won't take it anymore.

They are stereotypically the scouge of the internet, inciting rage where ever they lurk. However.

Subjectivity is one thing, but you could at least try to distinguish right and wrong. Everyone should at least try to listen - and even better: care.

Contary to popular belief, the internet is a very caring place. And I have many flame wars to prove just how much it cares.

Opinions should be listened to and taken into account. Stop saying that they shouldn't. They do matter, yes, even those which aren't yours. You may be talking in the context of an arguement over say, a fictional character, but opinion is a word with a big honking meaning and I don't think you have thought this through, random people of the internet.

Democrasy. Do you want to be listened to? Do you want to change things for the better? Do you think you may know how, however vaguely? If we should not speak out, then why, may I ask...

Are we talking?

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