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EMERALDIAN February 19, 2014 User blog:EMERALDIAN

I made a thing.

Specifically, a paper doll thing.

(Also I'm back.)

It's been a while since I've started any large-scale projects, especially non-computer projects. But after the tragic death of my old laptop, I started making paper dolls for my sister.

Her prefered character choices? VOCALOIDs.

I decided I'd share this with you all in case you were interested. I'm taking suggestions on outfits/accessories I should make for them (based on video game/anime/manga/VOCALOID characters', preferably). My only rule is that they have to be "clean", but if needed, I can modify them somewhat to be more appropriate (bear in mind that my sister is 5).

By the way, here's the dolls (sorry for the poor quality!):

For an up-to-date list of characters/outfits completed, see here.

Also, here's my updated 3DS game case:

...I'm still making a Lyra/Kotone outfit for kokone-- *shot*

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