• Enriku

    Okay so basically, the new Chinese vocaloid is named Zhanyin Lorra and she's just.. she's just..


    Like how can you not like her concept? When you thought they would be repeats,  VOCANESE comes smash down something new into your face! OTL I think I might die from saying this


    My OPININION on the design;

    I think it kind of influenced by ALYS design of the blue and black, and the furturistic feel but the clothing have the macne style of electronic object influenced into the design itself.

    She's heterochromic, I love her too much TTnTT)//

    Her hair kind of reminds me of Ritsu's because of how the face kind of looks itself but I really like the white, bl…

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  • Enriku

    Hello everyone, I am proud to official present her actual design,

    Her new demo was released about 30minute ago releaving her official design, cowboy like boots with her old outfit modified and her hair nicer then ever :3 

    The demo was called 'Witness' by EMPHAT-P (or however you spell it) for Meiko V3 English joined with her counterpartner Kaito V3 English.

    The new Official trial for Power bank has been put onto the MEIKO V3 Crypton page for everyone to try out : D

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  • Enriku

    Meiko V3, New Tweets

    October 30, 2013 by Enriku

    So 7hours ago Wat tweeted 'The Illustration adjustment of Meiko V3 is also at it final stage. Not too slow and not too high exposure degrees, the custom is based on red, the image is feminine and sexy. In addition with a spice, symbols typical equipment and parts metallic symbols have been added a little." (Rough Translation)

    Also on the 29th it is said that She will be getting Whisper, Power and Dark as her voicebank, instead of Whisper being gentle it is said to be a cold version of Meiko voice. There should be demos of her voice, since it says there were demos doing to be released.

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  • Enriku

    So this is the song played at the New York Comic-con and this is her singing in V1 but this version clearer and gives you a brief idea how her V3 would of sounded if you attended..

    I am new here ^-^ so yeah, I've been posting as a anon but yeah.. here an post.. *leaves forever*

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