Okay so basically, the new Chinese vocaloid is named Zhanyin Lorra and she's just.. she's just..


Like how can you not like her concept? When you thought they would be repeats,  VOCANESE comes smash down something new into your face! OTL I think I might die from saying this


My OPININION on the design;

I think it kind of influenced by ALYS design of the blue and black, and the furturistic feel but the clothing have the macne style of electronic object influenced into the design itself.

She's heterochromic, I love her too much TTnTT)//

Her hair kind of reminds me of Ritsu's because of how the face kind of looks itself but I really like the white, blue, black theme. I still really like her hair and facial apperance.

Yokune inspired panties thing there at the bottom, and the skirt they should of at least put shorts or extended the skirt but I still think it's sexy and mature looking. And those things attached to the belt make me want to hug her and steal her clothing! It's so cool <3

Okay so the shirt is really really really really neat, just gimme it already..

I really love her headphone and gloves also!

The only thing I hate about her design are those shoes.. but overall I really love her outfit!


So basically I think she should have a mature like voice, but not so deep but Merli style or Luka. Nothing Generic like the other Chinese vocaloid voicebanks (No offensive), I'm thinking a deep, young, clear, husky voice.

But I predict this is only like 5% chance out of 100% of her voicebank being like this

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