• I live in Nekoma
  • My occupation is Artist, songwriter & Korean translator
  • I am Female
  • Ensoka

    The funny thing about me is that when I make mistakes, I make it my personal goal to keep going until I get the gosh darn thing done and done right. That being said, here's my to-do list. I'd like a little input.

    • Update/correct Korean romanization on pages
    • Lowercase Japanese song lyrics that are upper case (would anyone be annoyed if I went through and did this? I know it's technically optional but a vast majority of Japanese pages are lowercase now and uniformity is key.)
    • Remove accents from Pinyin
    • Bring in some new Korean songs
    • Hunt down some Spanish songs (if people are still making them, the Spanish side seems a little sparse song-wise)
    • Last but not least, study my butt off to make sure I'm doing everything right

    Input would be appreciated, …

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  • Ensoka

    17th Birthday Resolutions!

    September 20, 2015 by Ensoka

    Well would you look at that; I'm officially 17 (have been for one hour but hey, who's counting? ;D). I've got a bunch of wishes and plans to make this "year" great, because I've messed up plenty both IRL and online and I want to work hard to improve myself. So just for kicks and giggles I figured I'd post my goals right here:

    • Become a serious VOCALOID producer, and publish my first song
    • Try to win the MIKU EXPO SONG CONTEST 
    • Maintain discipline and integrity mentally and physically
    • Sleep at decent hours more often than not
    • Practice my Japanese, Korean and Chinese like nobody's business
    • Be much more patient and understanding with my siblings, annoying family members and people IRL and online
    • Become a better artist
    • Become a better author
    • Actually put…
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  • Ensoka

    I'm not needed for Korean songs, there are plenty of other editors for Chinese, and God knows how "horrible" I am at Japanese songs. I make mistakes like everybody else, however I've made these little hiccups so many times I've got an admin on my butt non-stop.

    Literally, I made five song pages in Japanese. One of them, whose lyrics were taken from the Lyrics Wikia, were incorrect. And because I published that page here unaware it had inaccurate lyrics I'm being threatened with a block.

    I feel like I'm being treated like some troll who's deliberately messing up. Sorry for not being so good at Japanese, but nobody else is going after these pages so I figured I'd try my hand.

    Now that I know I basically suck at it, and I'm just some annoying te…

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  • Ensoka

    I'm a bit discouraged and disappointed in myself, because my Japanese is not as great as I thought. I still mix up a lot of particles and things that I miss when I don't pay attention, I'm rushed, or I'm distracted. That, and there are still confusing things I don't understand in Japanese, despite studying it since seventh grade (I'm a senior in high school this year >_>). I'm still very basic in terms of fluency, though my Kanji has improved I still have trouble romanizing it. I'm fine writing it out in Japanese characters, but having to spell it out alphabetically is messy, at best. 

    Looks like I've got my work cut out for me these next few weeks, knowing what I need to improve.

    Aside from that, I was curious as to what exactly the relatio…

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  • Ensoka

    If any of you have noticed recently on deviantART, millions of members are completely enraged by the fact that dA has changed not only the icon of the premium memberships to a ghastly, borderline copied orange and white star (that looks fantastically similar to Robloxs' logo), but has traded PM's for "core memberships" that are two to three times more expensive and with less benefits.

    Most people being teens that don't normally have a lot of cash to spend in the first place, are totally upset about it and have even gone so far as to create a petition to get dA to change it back (over 9,000) signatures so far. The reason it's happening is because DA is strapped for cash and is slowly going down the drain. Half of the company's staff was laid…

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