Well would you look at that; I'm officially 17 (have been for one hour but hey, who's counting? ;D). I've got a bunch of wishes and plans to make this "year" great, because I've messed up plenty both IRL and online and I want to work hard to improve myself. So just for kicks and giggles I figured I'd post my goals right here:

  • Become a serious VOCALOID producer, and publish my first song
  • Try to win the MIKU EXPO SONG CONTEST 
  • Maintain discipline and integrity mentally and physically
  • Sleep at decent hours more often than not
  • Practice my Japanese, Korean and Chinese like nobody's business
  • Be much more patient and understanding with my siblings, annoying family members and people IRL and online
  • Become a better artist
  • Become a better author
  • Actually put some effort into my Physics class x'D
  • Kick my anxiety to the curb!

Hopefully I'll be able to attain as many of those goals as I can, or all of them. I'm aiming high, so we'll see where it takes me! Thanks for putting up with me you guys, hopefully this'll lead to a year of learning and maturity, on the Wikia and elsewhere. Thanks!

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