I'm a bit discouraged and disappointed in myself, because my Japanese is not as great as I thought. I still mix up a lot of particles and things that I miss when I don't pay attention, I'm rushed, or I'm distracted. That, and there are still confusing things I don't understand in Japanese, despite studying it since seventh grade (I'm a senior in high school this year >_>). I'm still very basic in terms of fluency, though my Kanji has improved I still have trouble romanizing it. I'm fine writing it out in Japanese characters, but having to spell it out alphabetically is messy, at best. 

Looks like I've got my work cut out for me these next few weeks, knowing what I need to improve.

Aside from that, I was curious as to what exactly the relationship between the VOCALOID Lyrics Wikia and ours is. There are many songs that are on that Wikia that I've noticed were uploaded after they were posted here first. At the same time, there are many on that Wikia that aren't over here as well. How exactly do song pages work on either Wikia? As in, do we want to post as many song pages as we can that we can find for VOCALOIDs (especially those who only have ten or less), or something else?

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