The funny thing about me is that when I make mistakes, I make it my personal goal to keep going until I get the gosh darn thing done and done right. That being said, here's my to-do list. I'd like a little input.

  • Update/correct Korean romanization on pages
  • Lowercase Japanese song lyrics that are upper case (would anyone be annoyed if I went through and did this? I know it's technically optional but a vast majority of Japanese pages are lowercase now and uniformity is key.)
  • Remove accents from Pinyin
  • Bring in some new Korean songs
  • Hunt down some Spanish songs (if people are still making them, the Spanish side seems a little sparse song-wise)
  • Last but not least, study my butt off to make sure I'm doing everything right

Input would be appreciated, particularly on the Japanese song page one. I feel like it'd be in best interest to just go ahead and lowercase everything, but I'd definitely appreciate another opinion. <3


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