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Vocaloid Inspired characters

A set of Vocaloid inspired characters created by an anime character designer SHIROICHI and named it Iro no Wakusei characters. Each of the characters have a specific color and name of a specific planet of the Solar System including the TNO (Trans-Neptunian Objects). The male voices of the Iro characters were derived from the voice of their creator. Under each Iros' name are the pictures created by SHIROICHI.

(The list is still incomplete)

1. Blue Mercury (SV-15)

Blue Mercury

2. Gold Venus (SV-16)

Gold Venus

3. White Earth (SV-17)

White Earth

4. Red Mars (SV-18)

Red Mars

5. Green Jupiter (SV-19)

Green Jupiter

6. Purple Saturn (SV-20)

Purple Saturn

7. Royal Uranus (SV-21)

Royal Uranus

8. Pacific Neptune (SV-22)

Pacific Neptune

9. Black Pluto (SV-23)

Black Pluto

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