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July 23, 2011
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  • Esperancia

    so here's the... tiny preview. (of course the real one won't be like this, I'm just cropping it) And I haven't even finished coloring it TT___TT I'm having so much exams right now.

    Can you tell who's who?

    ...Sorry for the blog spam XD Can't help it, I sometimes get bored of editing too. Or stuck. Or... seeing stars in NND flying comments, lol.

    Anyway. I'm planning on giving you all, faithful editors and friends in wiki, a gift! Which is... a picture of us (well, our avatars) together! Like a family potrait! Or something! What's with these exclamation marks, I don't know too! XD

    Why am I doing this? Well, since I'm near to 1000 edits here, I'm thinking of presenting something. And also, something like preparing for the joy of having Vocaloid 3 r…

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  • Esperancia

    So, guys, referring to discussion by Bunai-san and Angel-san, it seems it will be better if we rename the :Category:Notable Songs by Vocaloid|notable song pages into "Songs featuring (name of Vocaloid)". The reason is : (stated by Bunai-san) "because with the new template being used on the pages, it can be a placeholder to link to songs pages that have lyrics and history etc. Also many producers title their albums and songs as "(Producer/Group) ft. (name of Vocaloid)", they basically treat the Vocaloid as a guest vocalist, in particular Supercell."

    And as for me, there are many other notable original songs which doesn't make it to the page because of poor video views. So if we just generalized the name into "Songs featuring (name of Vocaloid…

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  • Esperancia

    Vocaloid Lyrics wiki?

    October 10, 2011 by Esperancia

    I'm kinda interested in adopting it. Or maybe someone(s) here has the same idea? K4KING-san maybe?

    I've already adopted it lol. If anyone here wanna be an admin too, just tell me.

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  • Esperancia

    So you see... *clears throat*

    A Saihate cover to brighten your days (*´▽`*) Original song by Kobayashi Onyx; added with my crappy voice(s).

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  • Esperancia

    Question about romanization

    September 25, 2011 by Esperancia

    I'll update this blog if I have more open questions.

    So... how do we romanize this P name? 四次元P. Is it "Yonjigen-P" or "Shijigen-P"?

    And also... do we already have a P page for him? (He's the director of LOL -lots of laugh- and mikumix-related PV)

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