so here's the... tiny preview. (of course the real one won't be like this, I'm just cropping it) And I haven't even finished coloring it TT___TT I'm having so much exams right now.

Can you tell who's who?

...Sorry for the blog spam XD Can't help it, I sometimes get bored of editing too. Or stuck. Or... seeing stars in NND flying comments, lol.

Anyway. I'm planning on giving you all, faithful editors and friends in wiki, a gift! Which is... a picture of us (well, our avatars) together! Like a family potrait! Or something! What's with these exclamation marks, I don't know too! XD

Why am I doing this? Well, since I'm near to 1000 edits here, I'm thinking of presenting something. And also, something like preparing for the joy of having Vocaloid 3 released. Screw those, I just feel like it ^w^

So. For now, the ones who will be in the picture will be:

  • me
  • K4KING
  • Yumi
  • Qiara (Unknown.System)
  • Adept
  • Bunai
  • Angel

Because I don't know the other contributors well enough ;w; But if you want to be featured, go ahead, just tell me. The more the merrier :)

So (again), how do you want the avatars look like? I'm thinking of making all of them having one-themed outfit from some VocaOri songs, for example, having all of us in Saihate outfit, but maybe you guys want to have different looks?

And if you want a specific-looking avatar, just tell me :) For now I'll imagine how you look and even take reference from your Wikia avatar image :3

PS: Want to see my drawing sample? I may not as good as Adept-san's, but here it is.

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