Hmm. I'm surprised noone has mentioned this song (NND / YT) yet. Or have you? This tuning song has a wonderful high human-quality. (what's with my choice of words-__- sorry) And the original video on NND got 700.000++ views in almost a week (as in, now.). It was posted on July 31. I don't know the producer, and yes; he--or she--is not famous at all. It's really... out-of-the-blue.

This is not a Miku append right?

So what do you guys think? This sure can be categorized as another one of Miku's breakthrough song, hm?

EDIT: Wait... after I posted this blog I read that I can't upload (well it's not uploading, just linking) video here without permission. I'm very sorry! You can erase the embedded video anytime. Please try the link to watch it. Or maybe you already know the song.

Again. I am very sorry ;_;

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