Oh well. Actually this blog post has no relation to Vocaloid ;__; Sorry.

I'm rather new to wikia coding, and I can't really get the coding of an "if" in Parser functions, the one having aim to hide particular parameters if it's not filled (empty parameters). ;__;

I manage to successfully use that function for simple parameters (plain text) but not so much for image ones :'( I've read things in that official wikipedia/wikia explanation pages of Parser functions, but... ergh. I need to re-read it. I can't understand it completely yet.

Can somebody help me explain how it works with simpler words or have any link for me to visit?

Thank you.

/and sorry if this is completely unrelated. You don't need to feel obligated to answer it; I'm just trying to ask ;) Since I'm an admin in NND Singers wiki but still newbie

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