I'll let you decide the template name. I didn't include song title, since it's being the header (using header 3 style)

Upload date {{{uploaddate}}}
Music {{{composer}}}
Lyrics {{{lyricist}}}
PV {{{illustrator}}}
Featuring {{{vocaloid}}}
Lyrics {{{individualpage}}}
English translations {{{englishtranslink}}}
[{{{nicovideolink}}} NicoVideo Broadcast] [{{{youtubelink}}} Youtube Broadcast]

Will result in:

Song title (here it's Toosenbo)


image size: 180px (tentative)

Upload date 2009.06.16
Music Wowaka
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Lyrics link to Japanese lyrics
English translations link to English lyrics

NicoVideo Broadcast Youtube Broadcast

This is a very fast and upbeat song about a girl who views any type of affection as a threat, keeping everyone out of her heart.


  • I remove the "view count on NND" field, K4King said it's unnecessary.
  • I plan to use "if" function for possibility of different illust-video works and other fields. But I'll let others (if necessary) do that :3 I'm still newbish in wiki coding..
  • K4King said he will create the individual song pages for the Japanese lyrics. So the link in the "Lyrics" field will be into the song's individual page.

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