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    October 28, 2011 by Evolotia

    I stopped watching this wiki not long before school started due to laziness, school, more school, BUT I want to help again since there are a bunch of things going on at this time. Unfortunately, this place feels just as or more foreign like the first time I edited here. The different banner looks cool and the wiki telling me I cant switch to visual mode due to complex text code bothers me.

    The Oliver vocaloid has caught my interest and I think I'll wait for the release to buy it as a late birthday present. Of course, it depends on the voice, but I really want to test out a young male voice!

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    4th of July

    July 5, 2011 by Evolotia

    Happy Independence Day! For the past 3 days (including today I mean) you can hear fireworks. Unfortunately, my mom had to work today, so my family couldn't go see any fireworks at the stadium. It's ok though, as long as I know there is still celebration in this country.


    There was also a thunderstorm today that lasted ~1 hour or so. The power went out several times, and my cat freaked out.

    More fireworks.

    Hearing about Mikunopolis was interesting. I didn't realize there was a difference between audience actions in different countries. Maybe many people were not used to that type of concert, but tried anyway. I've never been to a concert, so I don't know how things are done.

    Almost done with the producers' pages! After that is att…

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  • Evolotia

    I need to be more creative with titles.

    I was looking at vocaloid cosplay outfits and I thought some of them were really pretty, particularly the dresses. Would it be bad to wear a cosplay dress to a prom though? Not the fantasy kind, but the more simple outfits.

    On Miku's facebook there are 2 surveys that were posted less than an hour ago. It gives almost 100 choices to pick, but I have to right click and "open link in new tab" in order to view them... and even then it does not show them all or the link breaks. The first 3 options are the main choices people would choose anyway, so it does not matter much.

    One more question I would love to ask....Which websites or magazines do you like? Please let me know! How did you know about Hatsune Mi…

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    Just a Post 7

    May 3, 2011 by Evolotia

    Spring break is over. ~Le Sigh~ The first few days did not feel like a break at all, but I guess you can't avoid work. It's tornado season and the fundraisers to help the victims are around again. It's rather depressing seeing the damage so I feel fortunate to not witness a single tornado yet.

    Also, a certain hiding killer is finally dead. It's about time, but they still have to get the members that will take over the leading position... I heard there was celebration of this, but I saw nothing of the sort around here. Life just continues.

    A lot happened in April, huh? VocaloidOtaku having another one of its fits, VY2, more songs uploaded that I should really look into adding to the Youtube Lists, an English NicoNico, Pocaloid paranoia,…

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    Just a Post 6

    March 28, 2011 by Evolotia

    I think it's amusing that foreign money mixes in with your change. I was looking through my backpack earlier for coins that I picked up around school and found a Canadian nickel. Pretty cool because usually it's the pennies or occasionally dimes. Speaking of dimes, I thought I found an old 10 cents, but it turned out to be an old 10 centimos. I also found 500 pesos, but I think that was just from my parents' vacations.

    Right now I'm searching through the penny pile for wheat pennies. There is this really beat up 2000 coin that looks like it got run over, sanded, and bitten by a creature with really strong teeth in 4 places.


    Anyway, there is a VO forum talking about a Gaga Vocaloid.…

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