Exactly what it says on the tin in the title I AM NOW IN THE FUTURE!

It has been hours since the end of the most epic, intense Hetalia Bloodbath 2010 so I have calmed down HAHAHAHAHA...ok not entirely.

When I was following the Hetalia fandom through the Christmas special event these past few days I felt really happy and close to the whole community. Everyone was excited and goofy and the storyline that the APHetalia creator made just blew us away! This event was so big that even the lurkers (including me) stopped to comment and interact with the rest of the fandom! People were also thanking all that helped updated, translated, etc. and worrying about the mangaka's health/sanity many times. He gave us updates every __ hours even when he should be resting.

So far the fans are friending each other and trying to keep in touch on facebook groups and DeviantArt. It feels... heartwarming to see such a united community like that, especially since the fans are from all over the world. I haven't felt this way towards the Vocaloid fandom yet however. (I think I read too many posts on Youtube and rant threads and not enough Hetalia rants lol)

Anyway, I thought Angel's report was interesting to read. Obviously business is a business and what comes up must come down. Poor Tonio... I'm going to wait that day when someone uses a Zero-G or PowerFX vocaloid, makes many catchy songs, buys more vocaloids, becomes noticed, and start a Vocaloid revolution! Butttt... I won't be able to start that with my Sonika for a while... FL Studio extended its sale to January 6 so I feel optimistic to still have chance buy one of their editions.

On another note I think I will update youtube lists possibly next week and kill the untranslated list with new titles. I miss the days when you weren't given school work on Christmas break...

  • facepalm* This took me too long to type. It's so busy at home. If you can't tell I have a problem writing broken sentences.

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