I was going to post this yesterday but I gave up after my laptop shutdown during the process.

I listened to the winning entry from the Sonika Song Competition yesterday and I thought it was decent. The video was not the most professional work ever but I only wanted to listen to the song.

As for Power FX's Soundation Contest, I have no idea. I suppose they are still judging and will take 2+ months as well. If I become runner up my self esteem would be good.

So I was watching/listening to the latest weekly vocaloid ranking and saw the Circus Monster by matt9five at #14 and I was like WHAT? COOL.

My posts never focus on one thing. Anyway, some people are excited for the English Miku Voice Bank but my attention is more towards Zero-G's Vocaloid 3. Actually I'm ready for Power FX to slap the fandom in the face out of nowhere with their boyband or something. I'm sure they would do something like that since you have to be careful with the quiet ones! But for now I will focus on Sonika's Os...they are just not right...

2 days until Prima's anniversary... Leon & Lola's release date says January 15 on this wiki but March 3 on Wikipedia.

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