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Evolotia February 24, 2011 User blog:Evolotia

You know what I would really like to see? Unicorns. LOL No seriously, I want to see Gachapoid cover Crazy Frog songs. Or better yet, a miracle person could create original songs in an electronic style, but not too similar to Crazy Frog to be illegal. It would be nice to at least know if Gachapoid sounds decent singing Popcorn or something.

I'm still debating whether to get Prima & Tonio or not. Are you able to burn the download on a disk just in case if there is a virus? Buying Sonika was a risky move (I do not regret it though) and FL Studio is out of my reach until the next holiday sale... Sure I could get freeware, but I've focused on obtaining FL Studio as much as getting english vocaloids because they seemed the most fitting. And then there is Zero-g's next vocaloid...

Sometimes you have to be careful when you talk about using a vocaloid. For example: "I have Sweet Ann and she is fun to play with." or "I am currently experimenting with Sonika." CURSE MY TEENAGE MIND! It was nice back then when "balls" only meant spherical objects used in sports...

honhon... Between Prima and Tonio, Tonio has the latest engine. That means when Prima's yandere occurs like Angel's installation problem earlier, Tonio is the one that can calm Prima down. My inner fangirl is not imagining shipping if that is what you are thinking...

SUGGESTION! A song for the next weekly video.

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