Spring break is over. ~Le Sigh~ The first few days did not feel like a break at all, but I guess you can't avoid work. It's tornado season and the fundraisers to help the victims are around again. It's rather depressing seeing the damage so I feel fortunate to not witness a single tornado yet.

Also, a certain hiding killer is finally dead. It's about time, but they still have to get the members that will take over the leading position... I heard there was celebration of this, but I saw nothing of the sort around here. Life just continues.

A lot happened in April, huh? VocaloidOtaku having another one of its fits, VY2, more songs uploaded that I should really look into adding to the Youtube Lists, an English NicoNico, Pocaloid paranoia, etc etc.

I experimented with Sonika's u: sound recently and got different results. Whenever I hear her make the sound I keep wondering if the "oo" sample actually sounds that odd with the other english vocaloids.

Ok ok check it! This is what I got at Eb3: (I added a short default Oo sound before all of them & Slight Type 4 vibrato for some)

u: -sounds almost like "ew"

ph u: -slightly different from regular u: Alternative to u:

kh u: -Funky. More muffled than u:

tS u: -Does not sound like u: Alternative to j u:

j u: -Does not sound like u: and j is noticable

gh u: -No change from u:

g u: -Does not sound like u: or u:/ph u:

m u: -Funky. More muffled than u: and if tweaked it would sound like a cow hahaha

n u: -Loud and n is noticable

bh u: -bh is still noticable

b u: -slightly different from regular u: It could be an alternative to u:

@ u: -Funky. Bad idea.

s u: -sounds like Sonika is sticking her tongue out lol

S u: -Not bad in my opinion if the short u: is not added and DYN is lowered to silence S. Alternative to u:

Like the last sound test, the extra u: at the beginning was probably not needed, but it is late in the night and I'm tired...

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