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Just a Post 8 & Miku Survey

I need to be more creative with titles.

I was looking at vocaloid cosplay outfits and I thought some of them were really pretty, particularly the dresses. Would it be bad to wear a cosplay dress to a prom though? Not the fantasy kind, but the more simple outfits.

On Miku's facebook there are 2 surveys that were posted less than an hour ago. It gives almost 100 choices to pick, but I have to right click and "open link in new tab" in order to view them... and even then it does not show them all or the link breaks. The first 3 options are the main choices people would choose anyway, so it does not matter much.

One more question I would love to ask....Which websites or magazines do you like? Please let me know! How did you know about Hatsune Miku?

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