"...avatars belong to their respected companies and permission must be gained if the character is intended to be used. Users may also not sell material under the characters name without the permission of the software provider...."

Does this mean if ,hypothetically, I were to sell a song I must ask the software provider if I can add "feat. *insert vocaloid here*" and a drawn cover of the vocaloid? Also, how should you ask for permission? Send a simple but formal email if I can do so? Or is it more complex than that?

I've been thinking about this for quite a while...maybe I should have a friend to post for me on Vocaloid Otaku's Engloids' Parlour. It shouldn't bother me since I won't be able to sell good originals at my present level of skill but...

Anyway if nothing happens tomorrow then I will add more Gumi songs. Last time I added about...only 60. Today, Miriam!

December 19th at my home so I wonder if any Big Al users are prepared to upload songs soon and if fans have art submissions in mind.

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