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Evolotia January 23, 2011 User blog:Evolotia

So I was searching around Youtube for a specific sweet ann picture when I came acrossthis.

The description says it's Lola singing and when I heard the song I thought it was really cool. But when I looked at the given website, anaROBIK's youtube channel, reverbnation, and facebook I couldn't find the word Vocaloid anywhere. Maybe the singer really is an autotuned woman named ana or maybe not. I'm too shy to ask.

Edit!~ It has been confirmed to be Lola! Thank you for asking Angel Emfrbl! I feel really giddy now.

On other topics....

Sonika has 1000 twitter followers!

There is another english vocaloid centric group on DeviantArt: Engloid-Fans

I have one more exam and then it is Adding Songs to Youtube Lists Time! (well actually the start of the new semester and possibly snow but still.) I passed with flying double rainbows.

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