Ahhh, it's finally done!!
Okay, so, for no good reason, I challenged myself to create a playlist for all of the voicebanks. Yes. All of them.
The playlist: (YT Playlist is glitching right now, though. Voicebanks after Hatsune Miku V3 (Light) and before IA a Type C aren't showing for some reason. However, the videos are apparently "in" the playlist...? I'll come back and check it again after Youtube stops it's tantrums.)
Blog Post: (For a complete list of all the songs in the playlist)
The challenge: "For every voicebank, pick one song you would suggest a non-Vocaloid fan to listen to to get a good feel for that voice".
(Don't know how to say it in a shorter way...)

Or you can do the alternative Mascot Version where instead of doing multiple videos for Miku, Miku;Dark, MikuV3;Soft, etc. you do just one video for Hatsune Miku.
(You still have 50+ mascots to do, so either way you'll suffer.)

There aren't many rules, but here are the general guidelines I tried to follow.
-Organize the videos by release.
-Add notes to the videos in the playlist so people can CTRL-F things easier (The new YT layout it so stupid, automatic sorting is gone? o:<)
-Refrain from duets/trios/quartets/choruses etc. (I broke this rule a few times, though)
-Video selections are subject to change as more user-created content is created.
-Refrain from selecting more than one version of the same song. (Ehehe, sorry about all the Meltdowns, though..)

Putting together this playlist took a couple of weeks. Three, to be exact.
Actually, this challenge was pretty difficult, especially when you got to the most recent voicebank releases. did help a lot, but even with Hatsune V3 (Original), they only had about 20 songs listed to choose from. ;o;
With some of my picks, it was just "Ahh, I can't find anything good, but this sounds decent enough... *internal sobbing*"
(Also, I guiltily selected a lot of songs from the same producers. *coughCircusPcough* I also personally tried to avoid choosing the "hits" and "classics" *mostlytalkingaboutryohere* because eh, those songs get enough coverage, but you're free to choose them if you like)
So I'm curious if any of you guys had any suggestions, and if you guys made your own personalized suggestion playlist, I'd like to see it as well!


(I think I'll also do an UTAU version. Obviously, I can't exactly do ALL the voicebanks or mascots, because that might just kill me. Nah, I'll do casually, yeah.)

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