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    I was watching, you know, this and [http:// this]

    Why? Because I watched this  before.

    Why Vocaloid don't have one? I mean, it's just about contact some good vocaloid users and tell them about a "unite all the vocaloids" project. What you think about this? Of course, it doesn't has to be a cover of the SAME song, but a musical production with similar intentions would be fine.....

    I know, maybe I'm being very ambicious but I will write the list of vocaloid programmers that would be a perfect choice for the "solo" parts of each vocaloid. Please tell me your opinion and suggest some artist, it would really be appreciated because there's still some vocaloids which I still can't f…

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  • Fingersoop

    Not sure if a "radio" station because is more like a playlist being streamed so...

    I'll be transmitting from 9:00 hrs. (it means, 20 minutes ago) and I'm gonna broadcast for 2 hours.

    It seems in Grooveshark you can make suggestions, though there's no much variety of songs, so I'll be uploading some of my collection, and your suggestions, of course! :D


    Broadcasting right nao!!/vocaloidcentral/broadcast

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  • Fingersoop

    Yes, someone did it, in my comparison video and I was like "seriouslyyy???"

    So, watcha think I should do?

    EDIT: Deleted the picture because no more interesting.

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  • Fingersoop

    Upcoming Project!

    April 7, 2014 by Fingersoop

    Okay, we all know (or at least, we all have seen) AtH History of Vocaloid videos, those videos really inspired me to create something important, and, thanks to the surprising success of my Vocaloid Comparison video I decided to create some "minidocumental" videos for each Vocaloid called something like "Which Vocaloid is this?" (I'll think in a more clever name later)

    My main goal is to create little 4-5 minutes videos presenting a single voicebank, quality, development, a bit of history and usage; of course, I don't want to make the "history of the vocal and details of the development" because AtH already did that. I'll focus more on the actual state of the vocal. To summmarize, I'll divide the "script" in this sections:

    -Introduction to th…

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  • Fingersoop

    I feel ashamed...

    April 3, 2014 by Fingersoop

    ... because Latin American Vocaloid Fandom is possibly one of the worst.

    And being mexican, I'm part of it. And I feel ashamed.

    The "big ignorance" is on 90% of the fans. On different levels, but there is.

    Most cosplay is LQ compared to the rest of the world.

    Vocaloid usage is usually poor (at least the only TWO or THREE persons that use Vocaloid. I recently discovered that I'm the only Vocaloid owner and user in my city)

    When singing vocaloid songs, girls and boys try to imitate the nasal "moe" singing style that fits terribly wrong with spanish language.

    Art and stuff is also very LQ.

    Is not a productive fandom.

    Miku is the official queen.

    And that's why there's still NOT A SINGLE plan of doing an American Vocaloid.

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