Okay, we all know (or at least, we all have seen) AtH History of Vocaloid videos, those videos really inspired me to create something important, and, thanks to the surprising success of my Vocaloid Comparison video I decided to create some "minidocumental" videos for each Vocaloid called something like "Which Vocaloid is this?" (I'll think in a more clever name later)

My main goal is to create little 4-5 minutes videos presenting a single voicebank, quality, development, a bit of history and usage; of course, I don't want to make the "history of the vocal and details of the development" because AtH already did that. I'll focus more on the actual state of the vocal. To summmarize, I'll divide the "script" in this sections:

-Introduction to the vocal (explain the context)

  • Name of the vocal and Developer
  • Concept around it
  • Voicestyle
  • Traits, Weakness (including some examples of usage by NicoNico/Youtube/Soundcloud/etc. users)
  • Fandom thingys
  • Merchandise
  • Actual Situation
  • Summary of all the minidocumental

Of course, all will be condensed into a 4-5 minutes video. Now, I need help from all of you. Some people around here are vocaloid users, so they can help me with some sections, like Voicestyle and Traits/Weakness. Other people are vocaloid listeners, so you can give me great examples of usage. Some other people write pretty well and can help me with the script because I'm not very good on "professional/technical" english. Some others have more info about the vocals and can help with the context section :P

I just want you all to be part of this <3

I know its pretty ambicious, but welp, I can do this on my free time, and once the first video is finished, all I have to do is to adjust the script to the all the vocals :P

P.D: I will start, obviously, with LEON, and then, LOLA. I don't know if add unfinished vocals like Lui, Ring, etc.

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