SO I'm sure most of us are already aware that SeeU is having a 2nd UGC competition, but this one the people make songs. Then she'll be having a concert in March, where the winners will have their songs featured. I'm not sure about you guys, but I can't help feeling like SeeU has a pretty bright future ahead, even without CreCrew. :) I think that the best way to keep her alive and kicking would be to go ahead and put English SeeU on the market, y'know? She's already got all of these big things coming up for her in the coming months, so why not add English SeeU to the list? 

If anything would help her popularity, it would be an English Voicebank. Besides, there are so many songs that I want to publish for her~ it would be great to have her be my first Vocaloid I actually publish with (Sonika was my very first Vocaloid. With no past experience you can only imagine the things I went through. However I'm now extremely skilled with phonetics and I can make her sing in almost flawless English AND Japanese. Aww yeah). So what do you guys think?? :3

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