Hell0! This is my Engish version for Time Machine. I think the song is about someone close to Miku dying and Miku is greiving but eventually relizes that she needs to be happy in order to move and realizes that the person would want her to be happy too.  

You murmured proudly that deep in your heart ,you hadn’t a single worry.

You pitifully bluffed to the city’s people in a corner that they did rarely pass. 

The sound of goodbye,as sudden as it is,is always the most bittersweet sound

I guess I cant see the familiar face,crying deep in to your hands.

Ah,My voice had suddenly became blocked,and so I communicated with small gestures.

The “ Please come back safely” sign is for you. 

I threw away the things that kept on getting smaller

With all  my pride I held my head high,I murmured softly about how I wasn’t sad,and once again began to walk on my own path.

With my eyes closed,I could see it.The vision of the warm past days

.To the right and to the left, it spreads and begins to take me with it.

Ah,the scenery passing gets further away,and into my hands I had let it decay

It leaves those days memories slowly behind me. 

Not knowing the meaning of a single teardrop,Wondering about the meaning.

I wish that soon you will be healthier,and that you’ll be shaken by the time machine.

Not knowing the meaning of a single teardrop,un-able to learn the meaning

.I wished that you would be healthier,and that you’d be shaken by the time machine 

Un-able to hold back the overflowing tears,Not wanting to know the meaning.Ill be shaken by the time machine,and ill come back to see you again.  

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