Oh gosh. I originally joined this wikia when I was about 9 or 10 (I am currently turning fourteen in a matter of months) and after a long night I suddenly had this thought, "Didn't I have some account which I posted incessantly on?" and here I am. After cringing at how embarassing a majority, if not all, my posts were I attempted to log in on a whim, which to my surprise, I had managed to remember the password.

After combing through the oddities which were my blog posts, and after reading the comments I came to the conclusion that the people on this wikia are extremely supportive. Having had been 10 when I started making posts, I was extremely naiive and misinformed about a plethora of subjects, and I did not cease to make frustratingly awful claims about things, but I was never met with aggresive backlash. It would have been so easy to meet my remarks with malicious sarcasm but that never did happen. So once again I would like to appreciate the people who educated me (Some of which I have noticed are still on this wikia to this day!) for not harshly calling me out on my idiocy and rather helping me better understand Vocaloid and various aspects of it.

As for myself, I am not as avidly interested in Vocaloid as I was but I do occasionally listen to songs featuring specific Vocaloids and I am suddenly met with a wave of nostalgia. I am generally interested in writing translyrics for various Vocaloid songs, besides being absolutely terrible at it.

But I digress, thanks to anyone who actually read my long spiel, and sorry to anybody who was looking for something entirely Vocaloid related. 

TL;DR Hopefully I won't randomly go on anymore 2 year hiatuses. 

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