Okay. So I am going to rant about the realism of Vocaloids. People often say thing like "Oh this Vocaloid sound so humanlike" and I don't blame them but I believe that a Vocaloid can almost never sound human like,more commonly though it can have a very realistic flow between words.With the realistic flow+A lack of robotic rasp (Which is very hard to tune out) a Vocaloid can sound very realistic,but the voice itself still remains un-humanlike.Do Vocaloids even need a humanistic voice? I believe that as much as it seems cool,we already have human singers and with technology like this we should be creating voices that no human in a natural form is capable of. One thing though,I HATE it when the robotic rasp it too strong,the  the voice just sounds  generally awful.

My question is... Do you prefer a humanlike voice or a cartoony kind of voice,also please comment of this because I wanna make sure that i'm not incorrect on anything 


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