Listening to : Love is War (PANDORA MIX)

Playing : Sengoku Basara Samuai Heroes

Eating : Ice cubes

Mood : Neutral

Greetings, whatsitcalled.

         I am new in this website so I don't really don't know how and what to do here. Am I even writing this post right? Well, since I'm new, I'll write like how I do it on blogspot. So, my name is Haneko Leila. I'm a 7th grade girl living in asia. I'm 100% asian so it's only normal if my word usage is wrong.

         I love to sing, play with cats, listening to songs, piss my sisters off, play games and surf the net. I'm a tomboy too (but I'm straight/not a homo). I am so madly in love with Vocaloid, Goth, steampunk, non sparkling vampires, assassins, bjds, cosplays and cool animes.

         Okay okay, I don't want to reveal my true self here so I guess that's all I want to share. Oh, and I only speak English and a bit German so please no other languages. Ah! Before I forget, I am an ANTI KOREA AND EMO.


Haneko Leila

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