aka Nurul Karimah

  • I live in Singapore
  • I was born on January 12
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
  • HatsuneMikuFan3939

    Hello! Karimah here again! So, I'm kinda writing this mini blog just wondering, if there are any Singaporean Vocaloid Producers out there that have created songs? I kinda need it for my music project and I have searched throughout the internet but to no avail... If you are a Singaporean Vocaloid Producer please message me or DM at Instagram! My instagram account is @nurulkarimah12 if you're wondering!

    Thank you and have a nice day! XD

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  • HatsuneMikuFan3939


    June 11, 2014 by HatsuneMikuFan3939

    Hi there! Today's blog will be about Vocaloid.

    So far during my years of Vocaloid life (LOL) I finally want to listen to other kinds of Vocaloid songs meaning, it is from a different language. I have only listen to one Chinese song by Luo Tianyi and one song from SeeU.

    I have kind of curious of other songs too but still I do not really like the Vocaloids (I don't know why) especially the English Vocaloids and also perhaps the Spanish Vocaloids too. But I believe with songs, it will change your thoughts right?

    So I wonder what songs that people most love and recommends. Please comment on my blog on other songs especially those who were sang by Chinese, Korean, English or Spanish Vocaloids

    Apart from that may I just check with you guys about the…

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  • HatsuneMikuFan3939

    Apparently, as the years went by my love for Vocaloid just grew. I've been listening to Vocaloid songs almost every day and I always find myself wanting to be a Vocaloid as well. My youtube channel has Vocaloid songs placed in a playlist just for you and me. (Please check it out)

    However, my grades are getting lower (especially for my Mother Tongue) and I'm getting way to stressed up, balancing Vocaloid and studies. I have tried to stick to a timetable but it's no use.. My concerntration has decreased meaning that I don't focus quite often. I always tend to be daydreaming about Vocaloid in class and I just can't help it. I need help.

    P.S.My Youtube channel is Emme Zee. Please check it out. I know it is lame though.

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  • HatsuneMikuFan3939

    I wonder what will happen if Project Diva were to be in South East Asia, then at least people who are humongously big fans of Vocaloids from other countries are able to enjoy their Vocaloids and even have fun.

    Please give a reply if you agree with me.

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