Hi there! Today's blog will be about Vocaloid.

So far during my years of Vocaloid life (LOL) I finally want to listen to other kinds of Vocaloid songs meaning, it is from a different language. I have only listen to one Chinese song by Luo Tianyi and one song from SeeU.

I have kind of curious of other songs too but still I do not really like the Vocaloids (I don't know why) especially the English Vocaloids and also perhaps the Spanish Vocaloids too. But I believe with songs, it will change your thoughts right?

So I wonder what songs that people most love and recommends. Please comment on my blog on other songs especially those who were sang by Chinese, Korean, English or Spanish Vocaloids

Apart from that may I just check with you guys about the Vocaloid software thing. Can you really buy that thing? If yes, are there any places in Singapore or nearby countries which I can buy them? (Yes, I live in Asia...)

Yup... That's all for today and have a nice day!

BYE!!!! :D

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