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So people you may never see this but I'm a new member of the Vocaloid wiki. I guess this is an introduction post...?

Anywho, me name is Grace and Jae-Eun, I'm Korean-American, currently learning hiragana and just mastered parts of katakana. (I hate those happy faces: シ ツ ugh so confusing)

I think I'll just add English translations of Korean songs for now until I get the hang of this wiki thingamabob.

I think all I'll be doing here is just contribute to SeeU's page, and later UNI's when she gets officially released. What can I say, let's put my somewhat fluent Korean to use.

Oh oh and I'm a Hetalian fan girl too. France is love, France is life, France is a precious cinnamon bun.

안녕히가세요/Baibai- Grace Hetare jaeeun (talk) 23:31, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

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