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    "Anime" VOCALOID

    June 7, 2015 by HoneyCandiez

    I don't know if I should put this in the forum or as a blog, but this is more of my opinion... so I'm putting it here.

    It feels like, no matter what the language at this point, 99% of vocals have anime-based characters.

    I do like the entire idea of character vocals -- I think it makes the vocal a little bit more fun and interesting -- but it seems almost all the characters we're getting are anime-based.

    I understand that Miku helped spread Vocaloid, Japanese vocals are the most sucessful, and what else, but I really wish we'd get more character non-anime vocals.

    Don't get me wrong, as well:

    Do I think anime is a good style? Yeah, definetly. I just wish that we'd get some more Western-styled characters. (maybe Ruby...?)

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