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    Duet Chain

    June 1, 2014 by IAliceVoice

    Perhaps some of you have heard the term: "Six degrees of Seperation", and, based on it, "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon"? It's about how every person is connected to every other (or in the second case, every actor is connected to Kevin Bacon) through only six other people. I've been thinking about how this could also be applied to Vocaloid duet (like, never more than two singers) connections and was pretty amazed. For example, even with my somewhat incomplete song knowledge, it's really easy to connect MEIKO and MAYU, like: MEIKO and Miku sing "In the depth of darkness" together, Miku and GUMI sing "Matryoshka" together and GUMI and MAYU sing "Indulging: Idol Syndrome" together, and thus we have the connection. You could actually play that as …

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  • IAliceVoice

    Just because everyone else seems to be all upset with the fandom lately I've decided to voice my thoughts.

    There are so many things bugging me about this fandom. I actually find this wiki to be a breath of fresh air because you'll have a high chance of coming across somewhat, I don't know, more bearable people. Why does the Vocaloid fandom have such a large part of stupid? Can any of you tell me? No, seriously, can you? Now, like I said, there are a lot of things bugging me (and I'm kinda afraid that in spite of my best efforts I might be a non-super-awesome part of the fandom either and just sound conceited, but seriously) but there are a few core issues (and I won't go into the whole fanloid, UTAU, official Vocaloid thing, it's annoying a…

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  • IAliceVoice

    I was a bit curious so I decided to make this blog post. I hope this hasn't been asked before:

    What is your favorite Vocaloid company (of the companies with more than one Vocaloid), your favorite Vocaloid from that company and your favorite song from that Vocaloid?

    For example: "Crypton Future Media, Hatsune Miku, "World is mine".

    Or, in my case: My favorite company is AH Software, my favorite Vocaloid by them is Yuzuki Yukari and my favorite Yuzuki Yukari song is "Setsu-Getsu-Ka"

    Note that really only companies with more than one Vocaloid apply, so for example even if your favorite Vocaloid was MAYU you'd still have to choose another one because she is the only one by EXIT TUNES. This also applies if you only like one Vocaloid of a specific c…

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  • IAliceVoice

    I was thinking of perhaps making a page for the series "Kokuhaku no Oto" (in case you don't know, that's the name of the series by HoneyWorks, with songs like "Confession rehearsal"). There wasn't a page for that yet, or at least none that I have found.

    There's a lot of information about the characters on HoneyWorks website:

    (translated here:

    Songs in the series:

    -First Love Picture Book (+arrangement)

    -Confession Rehearsal + Confession Rehearsal -another story-

    -A Solution for Jealousy + A Solution for Jealousy -another story-

    -Embarrassment-Hiding Adolescence

    -Diagnosis: Lovesickness

    -Confession Rival Declaration

    -A Teacher, …

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