Perhaps some of you have heard the term: "Six degrees of Seperation", and, based on it, "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon"? It's about how every person is connected to every other (or in the second case, every actor is connected to Kevin Bacon) through only six other people. I've been thinking about how this could also be applied to Vocaloid duet (like, never more than two singers) connections and was pretty amazed. For example, even with my somewhat incomplete song knowledge, it's really easy to connect MEIKO and MAYU, like: MEIKO and Miku sing "In the depth of darkness" together, Miku and GUMI sing "Matryoshka" together and GUMI and MAYU sing "Indulging: Idol Syndrome" together, and thus we have the connection. You could actually play that as a game. From there I got to thinking how long a duet chain I might be able to make, using each Vocaloid only once. This was my result:

Kokone --> "Kimi no Irodoru Senritsu" --> IA --> "Unrequited Love Crawl" --> Yukari --> "Ripple" --> Iroha --> "Dead Foresta ~sinking into a lake of water lilies~" --> MEIKO --> "Set Me Free!" --> Ryuto --> "Brown" --> Gakupo --> "Go Google it" --> Luka --> "Through the Night" --> Sweet ANN --> "Headline Love" --> BIG AL --> "Eighty Degree Halloween" (short but it should count, right?) --> Tonio --> "Our Luv" --> SONiKA --> "Drowning in the Asphalt" --> AVANNA --> "Sweet River Flow" --> MIRIAM --> "Short Romance" --> LEON --> "Forever" --> LOLA --> "Nemesis" --> Miku --> "Radiation is Coming" --> VY1 --> "Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain" --> VY2 --> "ORANGE LINE" --> Rin --> "Invisible" --> GUMI --> "Dragon Rising" --> Len --> "Ramesses" (I'm like 99% certain that's an original song but if not, please correct me) --> Tianyi --> "Puppet Master·Finest Creation" --> YANHE

Well, yeah. Vocaloids I didn't manage to include (for various reasons): KAITO (strangely enough), Prima, Bruno, Clara, MAIKA, Yuu, Kyo, Wil, Anon, Kanon, Flower, Nana, Piko, miki, Lily, Yuki, Kiyoteru, CUL, SeeU, MAYU, Mew, OLIVER, YOHIOloid, galaco, Rion, Lapis, Merli.

So, what kind of chains would you be able to come up with? Or do you have any ideas on how to expand this one?

Just some silliness from me~

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