I was a bit curious so I decided to make this blog post. I hope this hasn't been asked before:

What is your favorite Vocaloid company (of the companies with more than one Vocaloid), your favorite Vocaloid from that company and your favorite song from that Vocaloid?

For example: "Crypton Future Media, Hatsune Miku, "World is mine".

Or, in my case: My favorite company is AH Software, my favorite Vocaloid by them is Yuzuki Yukari and my favorite Yuzuki Yukari song is "Setsu-Getsu-Ka"

Note that really only companies with more than one Vocaloid apply, so for example even if your favorite Vocaloid was MAYU you'd still have to choose another one because she is the only one by EXIT TUNES. This also applies if you only like one Vocaloid of a specific company, for example if your favorite was GUMI but you didn't like any of the other Internet co. ones you should pick a different company from which you generally like all/most of the Vocaloids.

As for songs, preferably your favorite original song.


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